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Understand human behaviour in digital environments.

Custom solutions & digital biomarkers for Virtual Reality.



We believe smart systems that understand and predict user behaviour will enable the next generation of VR applications.


We develop sensor-based digital biomarkers in Virtual Reality.

Our technology offers deep insights about the user for adaptive learning, medical diagnosis and monitoring.

Virtual Reality

VR allows us to create scalable, immersive digital twins of real environments in which every interaction is measurable.

Biosensor Data

We capture headset and external sensor-data, user interaction and performance.

Data Analytics

We apply advanced analytics to gain insights into drivers of user behaviour, specific to a variety of use cases.

Operational readiness is key in medical emergencies. Being able to prepare for those rare but crucial cases in VR is a true game changer for the Austrian armed forces paramedics. With VR our paramedics can train anytime & anywhere and get valuable feedback on their skills and their individual opportunities for improvement.
Dr. Gudrun Walter
Austrian Armed Forces


Nexus Challenge

SOMAREALITY is a category-winner “Digital Education in Healthcare” of the Nexus Digital Health Innovation Challenge of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.

SmiLe Bootcamp Inclusivity

SOMAREALITY is a winner of the SmiLe Bootcamp Inclusivity-Award of the SmiLe business incubator specialized in life science. The renown Swedish business incubator supports startups through its network of industry partners and investors.

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